Bottom regulation of fixing height of rucksack

Upper regulation of fixing height of rucksack

Regulation of angle of inclination

Rucksacks are sewed of waterproof fabric called Cobra. They have a multilayer and elastic frame of back made of foam and a material absorbing excess of sweat and thick shoulder straps padded with foam and a hip strap, which cause that the rucksack ergonomically adjusts to user’s back and can be comfortably carried for many hours.

Rucksacks are available in various colours, among others: black, navy blue or grey connected with insertions of another colour forming a compatible whole. They are available in over a dozen sizes (from 25 to 90 litres), which makes that everyone can find its proper one for himself.

The presented models are with inner frame, upper (realised by fastening shoulder straps at a proper height – range of 20 cm) or bottom (realised by turning hip strap – range of 15 cm) height regulation, capacity regulation (by shrinking gums or side straps) as well as angle of inclination of a rucksack (15°)

Rucksacks have got additional handles, tapes or gums enabling one to fix extra equipment fast and comfortably.

Created by: Promax